From the Executive Director

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in AMTEC.Danine Tomlin

The Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC) National Center of Excellence in Advanced Automotive Manufacturing is funded by the National Science Foundation as an Advanced Technological Education Center at the Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges System Office under President, Dr. Jay Box. We are a recognized collaboration of community colleges, automotive original equipment manufacturers, and advanced manufacturers working to strengthen the competency and global competitiveness of our automotive manufacturing sector by educating the most highly qualified mechatronics (multi-skilled) 21st Century Technicians. These technicians are skilled at advanced troubleshooting integrated systems in the manufacturing environment to include Programmable Logic Controllers, Robotics, Hydraulic-Pneumatics Systems, Electrical, Mechanical-Systems, Blueprint-Schematics, Machining, and Welding to name a few key skill areas.

Through the development of industry-endorsed and scientifically validated skill standards, as well as innovative competency-based modularized curriculum and assessments, AMTEC industry partners and colleges are graduating workers prized by the industry. In fact, during the AMTEC 2 grant period (2013-2017), the average increase in student learning among partner colleges is well over 45%. AMTEC has welcomed numerous international advanced manufacturing partners to our consortium who have helped to strengthen and validate the original work begun in 2005. The enrollment of students utilizing our competency based modularized e-learning and assessments has seen exponential growth since 2013.

AMTEC, and more importantly, partner college graduates have been featured in both national education and industry periodicals: Plant Services Magazine, Maintenance Technology, AACC’s Community College Daily, AACC’s Community College Journal, The Council of State Government’s Capital Ideas, and the Ready to Work Business Collaborative. Education partners have been able to upgrade their existing mechatronics/industrial maintenance technician degree paths, create new degrees at community colleges, create dual credit opportunities in high schools, and utilize AMTEC standards to develop new baccalaureate programs.

The National Governors Association (NGA) has selected AMTEC as a model and National Best Practice. NGA states that “the AMTEC story shows that it is possible for governors to work collaboratively with industry, with community colleges, and with each other to provide people with the opportunity to build their technical skills and ensure both America’s future prosperity and their own economic security” (A Sharper Focus On Technical Workers, How to Educate and Train for the Global Economy, Martin, et. al. 2010). In addition, the global management firm McKinsey and Company conducted a study of our work in December 2012 and published a report titled, Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works (Mourshed, Farrell, Barton).

AMTEC’s position as a leader in educational innovation coupled with our ongoing Kaizen model, national analytics, and launch of virtual simulations in advanced troubleshooting brings 21st Century Tools to educate our 21st Century Mechatronics Technicians. In a recent AMTEC Employer Survey 2017, 100% of the employers reported that they were satisfied with the skill level of graduates from AMTEC partner colleges. As the manufacturing environments and technologies evolve, AMTEC, is now well positioned to adapt and grow with these changes to the benefit of our students, colleges, and industry partners.

If you would like more information about AMTEC or are interested in partnership opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards,
Danine Alderete-Tomlin, NSF Principal Investigator and Executive Director