Our Structure

Organizational FlowChart

AMTEC is a collaboration made up of community colleges and industry partners and reports its progress of the grant goals to its sponsor, the National Science Foundation (NSF). AMTEC is one of the 42 NSF Advanced Technological Centers (ATE). The activities of the Center are evaluated using a 360 Balanced Scorecard for success by an evaluation team from Community College Research Center. As well as regular reports, the progress is presented to the National Visiting Committee (NVC) at an annual spring meeting. The NVC reports its findings and recommendations to AMTEC and the NSF. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System is the lead organization and fiscal agent for the Center.

National Science Foundation

AMTEC is supported entirely by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technology Education (ATE) Program Grant (0903193). The 5.5 million dollar, four-year grant became effective September 15, 2009 and is entitled “AMTEC National Center for Excellence in Advanced Automotive Manufacturing”. As the funding organization, the National Science Foundation has oversight over the project and maintains close contact with both the principal investigator and the evaluation teams to ensure that the project is meeting its goals.

Principal Investigator/Executive Director

The Principal Investigator oversees the work of the Center and serves as the responsible agent for the lead institution. The Principal Investigator has overall financial and reporting authority to the NSF, the external evaluators, and the Strategy Board as well as broad authority over the Co-PIs in regard to the work of the project. The Principal Investigator serves as facilitator of the Strategy Board and a member of the AMTEC Leadership Team.

Principal Investigator: Danine Tomlin

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the oversight and management of AMTEC that includes coordination of industry and college partners’ approved activities to meet goals and objectives of the Center, training for staff and volunteers, data collection, evaluation, budget management and other related activities. The Project Manager serves as a member of the AMTEC Leadership Team and serves as the Leadership Team Facilitator. The Project Manager reports to the Principal Investigator.

Project Manager: Craig Hopkins

Project Staff

Project staff assists the Principal Investigator, Project Manager, and Co-PIs as assigned in order to fully meet the needs of the project. Particular on-going duties may be assigned to one or more staff members as need dictates. The Project Staff serve as members of the AMTEC Leadership Team as well as Goal Teams, committees, etc. as assigned and/or deemed appropriate.

Project Staff: Dr. Stanley Chase, Dr. Katherine Manley, Jon Oulay, and Meri Bartoli

Strategy Board

The AMTEC Strategy Board (ASB) provides expertise in workforce education and industry needs and reviews the project progress advising the Principal Investigator (PI), Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) and the Project Manager on direction to accomplish the goals of the Center.

Strategy Board members include:

Byron Carter UAW – GM Center for Human Resources
Willy Kaulfersch Ford Motor Company
Patti Bieber UAW General Motors Department
Kevin Smith Nissan North America
Keith Davis Toyota Motors Engineering & Manufacturing NA

Co- Principal Investigators (Co-PIs)

Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) are assigned to lead or participate in each of the project goals, with normally no more than four Co-PIs identified for the project. Each Co-PI will be responsible for directing activities for his/her assigned goal and using funds, when needed, as directed by the Principal Investigator in consultation with the NSF and the Strategy Board to carry out those activities. Co-PIs are compensated for their time and expenses based on the outline and requirements of the current grant based on KCTCS business procedures. Any change in Co-PIs will be approved by the National Science Foundation after selection by the Principal Investigator, in consultation with the Strategy Board. The Co-PIs serve as members of the AMTEC Leadership Team (ALT). The Co-PIs report progress of their Team’s activities to the PI and the Strategy Board.

Pursuant to a greater NSF interest in promoting auto technology, there is an additional Co-PI and team focusing on the needs of the Auto Service Community. All responsibilities and privileges of the Co-PI role will be granted to this person as well.

Co-PIs include:

Gary Saganski Henry Ford Community College
Sam Collier (Auto Technology) Gateway Community & Technical College
Bo Garcia Lansing Community College
Mike Forrester Spartanburg Community College
Dr. Federico Zaragoza Alamo Community College District

Senior Partners

Senior Partners are representatives of educational institutions chosen from the AMTEC Partners to serve on the four goal teams because of their expertise and active participation in the project as well as having an identified industry partner in AMTEC. Senior Partners serve as members of the Goal Teams. Senior Partners are compensated for their time and expenses based on the outline and requirements of the current grant following KCTCS business procedures.

Additional senior partners added as supplemental to or in replacement of the ones currently listed may be invited by the Principal Investigator, after discussion with the appropriate Goal Team Co-PI, the Project Manager, and Strategy Board. The Senior Partners serve as members of the AMTEC Leadership Team (ALT).

Associate Partners

Associate Partners are organizations of the automotive community and community colleges who have made a commitment and identify a primary representative to participate in activities of the Center. Representatives of these organizations assist in the work of AMTEC goals and objectives by providing their expertise and time when needed as well as attend AMTEC sponsored professional development academies, workshops, etc. They have access to all of the public AMTEC resources. An Associate Partner who has a corresponding industry partner may be invited by the Principal Investigator to serve as Senior Partner as needed. To continue at the Partner level, organizations are asked to complete an Associate Partner MOU and participate in at least two AMTEC activities per year. Partners who meet the commitment guidelines of AMTEC may be eligible for reimbursement for AMTEC activities as well as other professional development activities approved by AMTEC Leadership and as outlined in the current grant.