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At the request of our national industry partners to accelerate the instructional process, AMTEC offers a modularized, hybrid online lecture/in-person lab curriculum designed to teach both students and incumbent workers the technical and critical-thinking skills required to succeed as a maintenance technician in advanced manufacturing environments. Each of the modules begins with a pre-assessment that allows a student to earn credit for prior knowledge if they can demonstrate mastery. This may shorten the time required for a student to complete assigned coursework. In addition, these modules include digital lessons, hands-on labs, and assessments, created by AMTEC’s team of industry and college subject matter experts, to teach the specific skills that are fundamental for performing advanced manufacturing maintenance work and to assess a student’s mastery of these skills.

There are 57 end-of-module assessments aligned to the student learning outcomes developed by our national faculty experts. Students or workers who pass the pre-test will be eligible to take the post-test and may receive credit for the module which is at the discretion of their local colleges.

College partners may receive discounts on module “seats” beginning at 50% and higher depending on “tier level” selected for purchase! AMTEC also offers Diagnostic Assessments and AMTEC Instructional Manufacturing Simulator, please visit visit their pages for more information or download our Products Flyer. If you are not yet an AMTEC partner by signing and MOU, contact our offices within the Kentucky Community and Technical College at 859.256.3100.

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Please download purchasing instructions  or view the AMTEC Course Catalog for information regarding our content.

Before ordering curriculum or assessments, you should have an MOU in place with AMTEC. Next, you will also secure an agreement to become an approved AMTEC Testing site with Nocti Business Solutions. Please contact Anne Gielczyk at Nocti Business Solutions to finalize your agreement as an approved AMTEC site and to move forward on ordering AMTEC E-Modules and AMTEC’s General Mechatronics and Diagnostic Assessments. You can reach Anne by calling 800-334-6283 ext. 232 or emailing her at After receiving account information from Anne, please log-in to to order using our downloadable step by step instructions.