Cutting Edge Assessments

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AMTEC is a leading certifying organization for the nation’s multi-skilled maintenance in advanced manufacturing. The comprehensive assessment system are high stakes for students and workers and provides a pipeline of individuals with the core competencies of multi-skilled maintenance. A rigorous development process was used to ensure that these assessments conform to the highest accreditation standard.

AMTEC assessments measure competency in general maintenance mechatronics focused on the needs of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as advanced manufacturers in general. These assessments offer community colleges a unique tool for supporting their local manufacturers’ manufacturing maintenance technology education needs by providing them with performance measures in 26 distinct duties, which have been validated by industry as essential to their operations.

General Maintenance – Mechatronics Certification Test

The AMTEC Certification in General Maintenance – Mechatronics recognizes individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies in multi-skilled maintenance.  The certification test is based on AMTEC’s industry-certified, national validated skills standards.  The assessment is delivered online and contains 186 multiple-choice questions and provides sub-scores in 19 major content areas.  The certification test can be used to document competencies of potential and current workers in the multi-skilled content.

Diagnostic Assessments

AMTEC also provides 12 standardized diagnostic assessments (multiple choice format) aligned to the industry standards as allocated into 12 major content areas.  These assessments were developed and validated by industry experts and can be used to diagnose the training needs of students and incumbent workers. The results of these assessment align directly to the award-winning instructional modules for targeted remediation.

  1. Fluid Power and Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics
  2. General PM and Predictive Maintenance
  3. PLC [Allen Bradley/Rockwell]
  4. Blueprint Reading/Schematics
  5. Robotics – FANUC
  6. Controls& Instrumentation
  7. Basic Electricity and Electronics
  8. Mechanical Systems/Mechanical Drives/Power Transmissions
  9. Safety
  10. Computer Literacy
  11. Welding and Fabrication
  12. Machine Tool Operations

Our cutting edge assessments have multiple applications! They can be used:

For Students and Incumbent Workers
The assessments can lead to certification, assist in initial job entry and upward and horizontal career mobility. They also provide diagnostic feedback at the course/module level for training purposes.

For Employers
Certifications and assessments assist in hiring, promotion, and planning for internal training.

For Educational Institutions
Certification and assessments provide a method for bench marking the quality of skills and knowledge provided against the occupational standards actually required in an occupation.

The 57 end-of-module assessments are aligned to the student learning outcomes developed by the faculty experts. Students or workers who pass the pretest will be eligible to take the post-test and may receive credit for the module. These end-of-module assessments determine whether the student has learn the necessary skills set forth by the industry to be used in the manufacturing environment.

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