AMTEC Integrated Manufacturing System Simulator

AMTEC Plan View

To purchase this simulator, please contact Craig Hopkins at AMTEC also offers Hybrid Online Modules and Diagnostic Assessments, please visit their pages for more information or download our Products Flyer.

The AMTEC Manufacturing System Simulator was designed and built with flexibility and variety in mind. This machine can be used to provide a platform for troubleshooting and safety training as well as reinforcing basic principles learned in a classroom environment. It was specifically designed to support AMTEC curriculum.

The AMTEC Manufacturing System Simulator:
1) Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controls
2) Siemens Programmable Logic Controls
3) Or both

The Simulator will support technical training at a variety of institutions including schools and companies. It is a viable platform for “Lean Manufacturing” training. It is adaptable to local needs and is transportable. Relevant training is easily matched to the Simulator.

The features and functionality of the AMTEC Integrated Manufacturing System Simulator is demonstrated through a video posted below: