What is a Module?

A module is exactly the same as a regular college course, only smaller. Each module teaches a specific skill or knowledge area and takes only three to eight weeks to complete. Call 859-256-3100 for more information!

What’s the difference between a module and a course?

Every course is broken down into three or more modules.

Why are modules better?

Modules give our students incredible flexibility. You’re free to pick and choose the modules that meet your educational goals.

If you want to learn a specific skill for your job, then you only have to pay for that module and you have the power to build your degree module by module.

You save money by only paying for the modules that you need. And if you can test out of a module, you’ll earn the credit for the same tuition rate without having to do all the coursework.

Why are they called modules?

We call them modules because they’re, well, modular. This means that a module can function as a standalone class or be combined with other modules to build courses and earn degrees, certificates, and diplomas.