Become a Partner

AMTEC partners are any colleges, advanced manufacturers, auto manufacturers, auto technicians, and auto suppliers.  The AMTEC collaboration is made up of a Strategy Board, the Leadership Team, and Associate Partners.  Prospective partners enter at the Associate Partner level by signing an Associate Partner Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of commitment.

Associate Partners are organizations of the automotive community and community colleges who have made a commitment and identify a primary representative to participate in activities of the Center. The identified representatives from these organizations assist in the work of AMTEC goals and objectives by providing their expertise and time when needed as well as attend AMTEC sponsored professional development academies, workshops, etc. They have access to all of the public AMTEC resources. An Associate Partner who has a corresponding industry partner may be invited by the Principal Investigator to serve as Senior Partner as needed. To be an Associate Partner,  organizations are asked to complete an Associate Partner MOU and participate in at least two AMTEC activities per year. Partners who meet the commitment guidelines of AMTEC may be eligible for reimbursement for AMTEC activities as well as other professional development activities approved by AMTEC Leadership and as outlined in the current grant.

The AMTEC Leadership Team is made up of the Co-PI’s and the Senior Partners.  Co-PI’s and Senior Partners are representatives of educational institutions chosen from the AMTEC Partners to serve on the four goal teams because of their expertise and active participation in the project as well as having an identified industry partner in AMTEC. Senior Partners serve as members of the four goal teams that are each led by a Co-PI. Co-PI’s and Senior Partners are compensated for their time and expenses based on the outline and requirements of the current grant and following KCTCS business procedures. The college partner signs a College Partner MOU and their industry partner signs an Industry Partner MOU of commitment.

Interested in becoming an AMTEC partner? Call 859-256-3100 for more information.